Jangkarnavy is furniture manufacturers from Indonesia who made furniture from mahogany wood, teak wood and reclaimed teak. We are furniture distributors company based wholesale from Indonesia which is located in the city of Jepara is the center of furniture factories and still use handmade quality system. We pride ourselves on provide excellence Indonesian made products at reasonable prices and delivering first-rate service on behalf of all of our important customers.
Beginning operations in 1994 in Jepara – Indonesia, Jangkarnavy is an Indonesia furniture wholesale suppliers specializing in the solid wood furniture. Our wide product offer includes living room furniture’s, bedroom furniture’s, entertainment furniture’s, kitchen furniture’s and modern wooden furniture products are made from legal wood.

We are wholesale wooden furniture company that is ready to export to the rest of the world. Wherever you live, we will be ready to be your supplier. My teams are always trying to be the best furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. My company is a true low cost manufacturer with importance on quality at a very realistic price achieved through efficiencies which translates to value.